Computer vision solutions with actionable insights

Our machine learning models turn visual data such as images and videos into a valuable asset for your business! Contact us for a consultation to determine how we can turn your vision to value. Also take a look at some of our other projects to see how computer vision is changing the game!

Core Concepts
Cutting-edge technologies

Our artificial intelligence models are based on state-of-the-art technologies that can be adapted to a large variety of computer vision problems.

Client-driven design

Modern problems require modern solutions. We tailor our algorithms to your businesscase, employing domain-specific information based on your expertise.

Production ready software

The developed algorithms are delivered so that they can be deployed out-of-the-box. Integrated directly into existing hardware, or supplied as easy to use standalone hardware.

Disease detection

The newest computer vision models can be leveraged to detect, localize, and classify a large variety of diseases, based on image data. We provide efficient models tailored to the imaging problem that accounts for a variety of factors such as inference time, memory allocation, and performance requirements.

Data anonymization

Medical data is bound to strict privacy laws that prohibit the utilization of large amounts of data outside controlled and restricted environments. Our computer vision models can efficiently detect and remove any text in the images, such that these images can be safely used for further processing without compromising on patient privacy.

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